Our History

About the year 2001/2002, a group of friends from different places in Spain, motivated by their passion for music and more specifically by Metallica,  decided to create a Chapter called Metallitarium , with the aim of sharing their band-related experiences.  After a couple of years and due to some issues, the chapter disappeared.

In the year 2007, several people from the initial chapter decided to join back again in order to keep the Metallica’s flame burning.

With great effort, very motivated and with new blood, at the end of July 2008 the new Chapter was reborn. Keeping the name of the first chapter: Metallitarium.

The goal with this chapter is to enjoy, promote and divulge Metallica among the fans of Spain. The chapter has an annual T-shirt.  In 2010 we will celebrate our third year, and for this reason we will make a commemorative T-shirt. If you want to get it, contact us.

2013 T-shirt

2013 T-shirt

Where to find us

In order to be in touch and share all our experience, a FORUM was created: www.metallitarium.net. There you can find all about Metallica, the meetings and arrange trips all over Spain and Europe. If you want to join our forum, click here.

 In our forum, we have the English section, where you can contact us in English. And if you’re thinking about coming to Spain to enjoy the concerts, or it is your desire to make new friends, this is your section.

Our concerns about Metallica go beyond. With the help of the collectors of our community we are developing a powerful database for collectors in which we compile any official material released by the band, in any type of format, whether LP, CD, DVD, Blue-Ray, etc…
This website is called “Metstuff” (www.metstuff.com), on which you can find all the information about the official items, and which is continuously updated.

Feel free to visit us.

We try to expand ourselves on the Internet as much as possible, and you can find us on:

Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/MetallitariuM
YouTube  http://www.youtube.com/chaptertarium

Our trips and meetings:

MetallitariuM members Lisboa 2010

Usually we try to travel to other countries to attend the concerts and, in addition, on these trips we enjoy visiting the cities, the monuments and the sights.
Also, we organize lunches or dinners, in which we have a great time thus consolidating our friendship.

Since the formal establishment of the Chapter, we have visited several European countries like Germany, France, England, Ireland, Switzerland, Czech Republic or Portugal, and still want more.

Contact us:

To contact the English area, please complete our contact form

Your information will no be shared with other people/companies, it will only be shared with the official Metallica club.

If you have any questions during the registration process, please send an email to the following address jamiz@metallitarium.es and we will help you.